Esther Lupyan

age when nominated: 76-80

city: Southfield

Esther Lupyan was born in Minsk, Belarus. She lived in a ghetto during Nazi occupation and survived despite all odds. Today, she is a strong advocate for the Holocaust survivor community of Metropolitan Detroit; particularly the Russian-speaking survivors who are often at risk of experiencing a bit more isolation.

As a survivor, Esther takes time nearly every week to speak to students at the Holocaust Memorial Center. She shares her story and answers any questions they may have for her. She has even spoken to groups at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center via Skype, showing her dedication to Holocaust education even outside of Michigan.

Esther has had many articles published in Russian magazines highlighting a variety of topics, ranging from her experiences volunteering at the museum to continued issues of anti-Semitism. She is on the board of the Holocaust Advisory Council, helping to ensure stability of aid programs and bringing up any concerns among community members that she believes need to be addressed. Esther is a true advocate inside and out, and would never think to ask for any special recognition; her happiest moments are most simply those where has been able to help another.

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